Meditation 30 – DC Sketch

A friend is making a video game and asked me to make some music for it.  So tonight I sat down and started sketching something.  We’ll see where it takes us.

The heavy lifting is done by the Circuit, which does both the drums and the lead. The rest of the gear is layered to get the … at times rather overwhelming … background pads.

JV-1080 Patch C:122 – Cyber Space

CS1x Patch 118 – Choir

SH-201 Patch Preset C5



Meditation 23 – Pursuit of an android

A single one bar pattern on each of the two synth tracks on the Circuit were looped. One of which was redirected to the JV-1080.  Drums also from the Circuit.

Variation was created by manually changing the key on the scale selector on the Circuit.  I don’t think there’s a way to automate this, so once everything was up and running the playing of the meditation was a matter of hitting the right pad to change key in time with the beat.

Through headphones the recording sounded a bit more harsh than it did through the speakers in the studio, so I opened up the file in Audacity and eased down the high frequency components a bit in the equalizer. Perhaps it will sound closer to what it did at the time.