Meditation 5 – Stranger tombs

MIDI OUT from the MPC 1000 to the Circuit, to get the clock in sync across the whole line.  Also the MPC 1000 plays a simple beat with the 80’s drums.

The Circuit runs two synth loops, for the most of the recording they are muted, but they are set free during the last moments. However, MIDI OUT from Circuit goes to the Yamaha CS1x, which runs the Grand Piano patch from the GM sounds.


Meditation 3 – 1980

I got some samples from an 1980’s drum machine and loaded them into my AKAI MPC 1000 with MPC Maid. Then I built a short drum loop and let it run on repeat while I chained the Circuit and the Electribe EM-1 via MIDI to keep the same pace.

Then it was just a matter of programming an arpeggio and a bass on the Circuit, and find a suitable drone/pad-something sound to play on the Electribe.

Meditation 1 – Circuit tribe

The Novation Circuit is a neat instrument, but it is limited at two synths, each with 6 voice polyphony, and four drum tracks. I wanted more.

At the same time I had an Korg Electribe EM-1 sitting in a cupboard. If I could hook them up together it would add another two monophonic synths and eight drum tracks.

I connected the MIDI OUT on the Circuit to the MIDI IN on the Electribe.

It worked fine, both synths on both machines played in unison, and the drums were in sync.  But there was no way to make the Electribe stop listening to incoming note messages.  However, it was possible to reassign its MIDI channels.


Snip from page 47 of the Electribe EM-1 manual.

The wiring diagram shows the Electribe running as master, controlling an external synth. But I had chosen to use the Circuit as master. Thus the reverse connection.

I reassigned like this:

  • Synth part 1 to channel 3
  • Synth part 2 to channel 4
  • Drum part to channel 11