Meditation 22 – A certain kind of green

The Circuit sequenced a chord sequence to the CS1x set to the TranCS patch on one of the synth tracks.  The other contained various lead parts which used the synth engine inside the Circuit itself.  Drums from the Circuit.  Short bits of playing the Electribe for variation.



Meditation 21 – A winding street

Drums on the Electribe EM-1.  The Circuit was used to sequence two separate piano parts on the CS1x.   By reducing the tempo to 50BPM and putting the drum beats on the half notes I could extend the “length” of each pattern on the Circuit and thus squeeze a longer and more varied melody into a single session. Thus making a 100BPM song.

Meditation 18 – Bicycles

I hooked up my webcam and got everything working so that I could make a short performance online.  For an audience of three I played Meditation 16 – Our friend, the robot.

After lunch I set out to make some music that could be suitable for a scene where kids ride their bicycles, enjoying the nice weather of early summer.

The lead synth is the Circuit, played via an external MIDI keyboard.