Meditation 20 – Distant operator


Meditation 14 – High

Same setup as in #13, but this time I shuffled two of the loops over to the EA-1, so I could get a total of four running with the two in the  EM-1.

Also I discovered the trick of just leaving the Electribe in record mode and play the bit over and over until I get it right, over the old way of stopping, clearing part and restarting.  This way was a lot faster.


Meditation 11 – Das Model, the death of the model

I spent two hours working on learning the controls of the Electribes by recreating something that I already knew what it should sound like.

The result leaves much to be desired, so much.  Mostly I wonder why some of the parts sound like they’re off key, they shouldn’t be.  And there’s a couple of messed up notes in there as well, I still haven’t gotten flow in the step sequencer.

I’ll revisit this tune in a while, and see how far I’ve progressed.