Meditation 24 – Butterflies in the rain

Drums and bass on the Circuit.

Jazz guitar is patch A114 from the JV-1080 – Jz Gtr Hall. Sequeced from the Circuit.

The lead improvisations were done on the CS1x, set to patch 116 Se:HybriFlt. It is one of my absolute favorites on that machine.


Meditation 23 – Pursuit of an android

A single one bar pattern on each of the two synth tracks on the Circuit were looped. One of which was redirected to the JV-1080.  Drums also from the Circuit.

Variation was created by manually changing the key on the scale selector on the Circuit.  I don’t think there’s a way to automate this, so once everything was up and running the playing of the meditation was a matter of hitting the right pad to change key in time with the beat.

Through headphones the recording sounded a bit more harsh than it did through the speakers in the studio, so I opened up the file in Audacity and eased down the high frequency components a bit in the equalizer. Perhaps it will sound closer to what it did at the time.

Meditation 21 – A winding street

Drums on the Electribe EM-1.  The Circuit was used to sequence two separate piano parts on the CS1x.   By reducing the tempo to 50BPM and putting the drum beats on the half notes I could extend the “length” of each pattern on the Circuit and thus squeeze a longer and more varied melody into a single session. Thus making a 100BPM song.

Meditation 18 – Bicycles

I hooked up my webcam and got everything working so that I could make a short performance online.  For an audience of three I played Meditation 16 – Our friend, the robot.

After lunch I set out to make some music that could be suitable for a scene where kids ride their bicycles, enjoying the nice weather of early summer.

The lead synth is the Circuit, played via an external MIDI keyboard.